5 articles that explore Trump’s leadership style

Just a couple of days ago, people all around the world tuned into watch Donald Trump become the 45th President of the United States. This was a moment that evoked strong feelings from hope to horror amongst those who looked on.

Those who have suffered from the loss of jobs as industry moved on and moved elsewhere hope for a new economic strategy with more jobs for local people. Those who care about issues such as climate change, gender equality, race equality, disability and gay rights fear that this is a leader who could set the nation back several decades.

The feeling of progress and unification that came with Obama’s in auguration was sadly lacking. Instead, an environment of uncertainty and unrest was evident in the protest marches that followed.

Love him or hate him though, as a Sky news presenter commented ‘there is no denying that this is a leader of some significance’. Over the last 18 months, there has been a great deal of analysis and comment on Trump’s style and why, despite his divisive approach, he has gained enough support to win the election and become the world’s most powerful leader.

Here are 5 articles that explore his style, tactics and his influence on the leadership debate:
1) 5 things Donald Trump can teach us about leadership
Recognising that he doesn’t appeal to everyone, the new President of the United States can still teach us a few things about leadership. This article explores what we can learn from him on decision making, goal setting, confidence and more.

2) The leadership tactics of Donald Trump

This Psychology Today blog looks at some of Trump’s tactics such as a strong leader persona; how he has used ‘them and us’ to create a strong position and get people onside; and how he ‘gets things done’. This article also provides some thoughts on what might be considered good and bad leadership.

3) Donald Trump’s leadership style in 5 words

5 words from Management Today which describe Trump’s leadership style. Set out as a charismatic leader along side other names such as Martin Luther King and Adolf Hitler, this article pinpoints some secrets of success that leaders could emulate in their own place of work. These are mostly self-serving such as ‘aggression’, ‘deals’ and ‘ambition’, concentrating on individual success.

4) Does Trump’s rise spell the end of empathetic leadership?

In recent years, much of the debate around good leadership has been about authenticity, vulnerability, compassion and integrity. This article from The Fast Company explores what Trump’s success might mean for leadership in general and whether it means the end of empathetic leadership.

5) Leadership lessons from Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, there is no denying he has displayed strong leadership skills. He is certainly ‘rock-solid confident’, certain of the vision and able to communicate it in simple terms, capturing the interest of observers all over the world. This article explains what leadership lessons we can learn from the new US President and how this contrasts with a feminine leadership style.
And if, like me, you don’t think this could ever be your style, you might prefer this article from Inc.com: 5 leadership lessons from Obama.



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